Friday, May 17, 2013

Astonishingly fixed!!

Don’t pretend that you were unaware of it. We were well aware of it but we ignored it. We ignored it by choice, not by design. Ever since the first time match fixing reared its ugly head in the almost sacred cricket grounds in India about 13 years ago we knew that nothing would be the same. We have taken that episode and locked it away in some hidden confines of our secure mind.

We might say that we have moved past it, we might say that the systems are more vigilant; that we have better technology and science on our side to prevent the ugliness of man’s greeds (or in very few cases needs) from affecting the sanctity of the sport. But the truth is, all these weapons we have in our arsenal, are available to the other side as well. And they have learnt to use it better.

Are we really to believe that from a pool of 144 players, only 3 broke a sportsperson’s code? Are we really to believe that out of almost 360 games played in the 6 seasons nearly 300 had genuinely nail biting finishes? The signs were there all along, but we chose to ignore them. To conceive otherwise, even in the tiny confines of our minds would be to say the least, a faith shattering experience.

What will the young and innocents of India learn if we were to start seeing the truth as it is, moreover start acknowledging it for what it is. That mankind has abandoned all values and literally sold its soul? That the most rewarding and successful path to notable achievements is to throw money into the equation? Whatever happened to determination, hard work, morals, and the likes? Just the mere thought of such a world and such a young crop is horrifying. So we collectively decide to do what we do best, ignore the problem; as if that is going to make the problem disappear.

The question is where do we go from here? Do we still lie ignorant and naïve and believe that these 3 are the only black sheep among us righteous lot? The choice almost always is between the easy path and the right path. Rarely do they meet, often we blame our choice on ignorance.

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Darshan Karkera said...

We did not refrain from watching Sanjay Dutt movies while he was making them, but once he was convicted, we started criticizing everything bout him and his crocodile tears. Its always been the same - go with the flow !!!